The John Cage Musicircus App

The Musicircus App is an experimental interface developed by Avco using HTML5, Javascript, the Youtube API and the Famous framework.

In celebration of John Cage’s centennial Aldeburgh Music and arts organisation The Space commissioned Avco to develop the ‘Musicircus’ app, an online experience of a John Cage inspired happening at Aldeburgh, the home of Benjamin Britten, on the Suffolk coast.

Aldburgh Music have produced this promo for the app and their event held on the 22nd June 2014.


Here, you will be able to make your own i-musicircus from the 40 performances that were filmed that Sunday in June. That’s a satisfyingly Cageian way to represent at least part of the un-representable totality of the Musicircus experience, and to give it a meaningfully open-ended afterlife.

Tom Service The Guardian 3 Sep 2014