RCA2020 Student Show Website

RCA2020: rca2020.rca.ac.uk

Avco Productions was contracted by Unthinkable Consulting Ltd with Platform 3 to be part of the delivery team for the Royal College of Art’s 2020 online graduation shows RCA2020. For the first time in its history the physical summer shows were cancelled due to the ongoing Covid19 crisis. This decision was taken in March 2020 amid much criticism by the student body as reported in the Guardian on the 24th March.

Avco’s Daniel Jackson worked alongside Sheila Lawson and Neil Gardner (Platform 3), Alistair McClymont (amcc.io) and Jonathan Thaw on many aspects of the website specification, design and software development.

The website front-end was developed using Gatsbyjs in combination with cloud CMS Sanity.io for editorial content and a bespoke back-end provided by Platform 3 for the student uploads. Gatsbyjs is a javascript, React based-framework for developing modern, lightning fast, Jamstack websites.

Earlier this year Daniel Jackson wrote Simpler Website Tech: Leaving the PHP Island for the open science blog Generation R. It is an introduction to a range of available frameworks and software used in the development of modern websites.