McLuhan Hybrid Video Player: Traces on the Archive, Marshall McLuhan

As a Hybrid Publishing Consortium partner Avco teamed up to work on the software development of the McLuhan Hybrid Video Player alongside Project Lead Simon Worthington and designer Lorraine Furter. Full Credits here.

The Hybrid Player employs the YouTube Api to synchronise the playback of YouTube videos with multiple media blocks such as a transcript, images or any other HTML5 contextual material. Likewise the video can be controlled by chapter links or from sentences within the transcript.

The McLuhan Player unpacks the video documentation of an insightful lecture ‘Traces on the Archive, Marshall McLuhan’ by the historian and curator Graham Larkin on Marshall McLuhan’s own experimental publishing and media practice. It becomes a hybrid lecture environment that reveals the knowledge contained in the video in exciting ways, encouraging users to watch it further and engage with McLuhan archives.

The player synchrosises the transcript of the lecture to the video documentation. The transcript can be read alongside the video or it can be used to navigate to specific sections. An image block is to synchronised to display high quality images that are featured in the video, which otherwise are not visible in the poor quality of the recording.

Contextual information is also displayed below the video to links or other embedded content.