Crumbles Castle

Avco has developed a new LED light installation for the Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground. It is an architectural intervention on the roof of their new building, visible from all approaches in the adjoining park. It mirrors the existing turret and railings of the Crumbles Castle, built from the bricks and cobbles of the derelict tenements in the 1970s.

The project has been realised in collaboration with students from Central St. Martins (CSM) and the Crumbles Youth.

4800 addressable LEDs have been set in 64 vertical columns to form a cylinder, 2 meters in diameter and 2.4 meters tall. Technicians from CSM used their CNC cutter to create a precision made structure that was lightweight and quick to assemble on-site.

Students from CSM worked with the Crumbles youth to create drawings and videos for the display with other content inspired by, and reflecting, the activities at Crumbles i.e. ping-pong, football, dancing, painting…

Dates: 4th December 2019 to 6th January 2020

Directions: Crumbles Castle, Bingfield park, Islington, London N1 0BH

Crumbles Castle blue LEDs
Crumble Turret poster

‘Turret Light Show’ by Crumbles Youth.

Built in 1970 by local parents and children Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground was constructed using cobbles from the old buried courtyards of Crumbles tenements. It was understood that ‘building’ was an extension of children’s play and this continues today with the re-imagining of the castle’s turret as a cylindrical moving image LED Light display. This digital grid of cobbles temporarily rests on top of the newly opened Crumbles Castle Play Centre overlooking Bingfield Park.Celebrating both the new building and this unique environment and community of play, the artworks produced by Crumbles Youth, visualising their ‘home from home’ will be screened during December. This project has been supported by students from the BA Fine Art Course at Central Saint Martins, Digital Markers and Avco Productions.

LED eyes
Green LED lines
Green Lines
Cabling inside structure
Inside Structure
Lights protruding through structure
Outside Structure
View of turret on building
Exterior View