Cornucopia Galactica

By Michael Craig-Martin in collaboration with Daniel Jackson of Avco.

Avco worked on the animated sequencing of the fruit and veg.

Cornucopia Galactica, was displayed during the month of July 2020 on the amazing video wall of the flagship luxury fashion store Flannels.

W1 Curates commissioned the work for their 3 story video wall on corner of Oxford Street and Poland Street, London. The overall resolution of the display is an incredible 14,306 pixels wide by 3,868 pixels high – that’s almost 2 x 8k TV resolution.

Normally I only draw images of ordinary mass-produced objects, everything from safety pins to shoes and chairs, from books to mobile phones and laptops. During the lockdown the only direct shopping that was possible was for food, and I found myself looking at fruit and vegetables in a new way and began to draw them. This digital work is the result. It is a celebration, a dynamic cornucopia, a galaxy of these great wonders of nature, constantly moving, turning, spinning through an intensely coloured space like planets, satellites, and spaceships. I hope you never look at broccoli the same way again.

Michael Craig-Marting, 2020