YPGO Title Screen

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten app

ClientBritten Pears
TypeAudio, Education, Software, App
CollaboratorsSara Fanelli, Royal Northern College of Music

AVCO Productions developed the iPad app ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten‘ for the Britten Pears Foundation on schedule, to budget and in a short development cycle of 6 months.

AVCO worked closely with illustrator Sara Fanelli and Britten Pears to create an engaging app for children to help them learn about the orchestra and the music of Benjamin Britten.

YPGO Main Menu
Main menu
Interactive score - notation score start
Interactive score - notation score
Interactive score - conductor video
Interactive score - video score
Interactive score, notation and video modes with synchronised playback
The Fugue game menu
The Fugue game score
Fugue game
Aural Quiz menu
Aural Quiz level screen
Aural Quiz levels
Aural Quiz start screen
Aural Quiz
YPGO Personality Game - Clarinet or Tambourine
Personality game - centre of attention or playing it cool
Personality game
Orchestra guide - menu
Orchestra guide - string family
Orchestra guide - brass family
Orchestra guide - woodwind family
Orchestra guide - percussion family
Orchestra guide - bassoon
Orchestra guide - xylophone
Orchestra guide - the conductor
Orchestra guide - the trumpeter
Interactive guide to the orchestra
BB scrapbook - menu
BB scrapbook - school days
BB scrapbook - family
BB scrapbook - work
BB scrapbook - what he liked
Benjamin Britten scrapbook
Variation game start screen
Variation game - cards
Variation game - score
Variation game - save screen
Variation game