MCM Christmas tree outside Connaught Hotel London

The Connaught Christmas Tree by Michael Craig-Martin

ClientMichael Craig-Martin, The Connaught Hotel
PartnersDaniel Jackson, Richard Grimes
CollaboratorsMichael Craig-Martin, Atelier Ten

Michael Craig-Martin’s ‘Christmas Tree’ was commissioned by the Connaught Hotel, Mayfair London and was illuminated on the 22nd November 2018.

AVCO worked on the design specification and installation.

The build consisted of 12,000 addressable RGB LED lights, over 1400 meters of electrical and ethernet cable, LED controllers and a sequencing computer.

This challenging project was successfully completed within a 7 week timeframe. From the launch on the 22nd November until the 4th January the tree was constantly photographed and shared on social media.

Part way through installation
Cables inside tree
Inside control unit
Control unit with computer
Cables going into control unit
Installation completed