No Show project space

Ravensbourne 2021 Website

Ravensbourne University online degree show 2021

July 2021
RCA 2021 Identity - magenta

Royal College of Art digital discovery platform 2021

June 2021
55inch screen in box frame

Digital display solutions for contemporary art

2000 - Present
No Show Space homepage

No Show website

April 2021
RCA WiP identity screengrab

Royal College of Art Work in Progress digital platform 2021

January 2021
BOC homepage

Heart n Soul Octopus Club online Festival

November 2020
Ravensbourne 2020 homepage

Ravensbourne University online degree show 2020

September 2020
RCA 2020 homepage identity

Royal College of Art digital discovery platform 2020

July 2020
Flannels video wall

Michael Craig-Martin three-storey video wall animation

July 2020
Crumbles rgb turret

Central Saint Martins and Crumbles Youth controllable LED workshop

December 2019
LED Christmas mauves and blues

Michael Craig-Martin LED Christmas Tree

November 2018
Music Map grab09

NMC Recordings Record Label Music Map

November 2016
Lighbulb colour09

Michael Craig-Martin Lightbulb digital artwork

January 2015
McLuhan Orality image

McLuhan Hybrid Video Player with Marshall McLuhan Salon

January 2015
YPGO Title Screen

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten app

July 2014
Musicircus bagpipe players

The John Cage Musicircus app with Aldeburgh Music

June 2014
Sonification of a Volcano

Sonification of a Volcano for BBC2

July 2012