3D Technology in Museums

Do Not Touch? A fascinating conference on the application of 3D Technology in the museums sector hosted in the Post Modern lecture theatre at the Cambridge Judge Business School on the 3rd June 2019. The speakers presented at high speed with over 25 short presentations making for a rapid 3D technology data download.

The event was organised by the University of Cambridge and the Fitzwilliam Museum with industrial partners ThinkSee3D and Museum in a Box. ThinkSee3D had a strong presence having been commissioned to 3D print and cast replicas of artefacts for several of the featured projects.

Our event highlights included:

  • The CT Scanning of Egyptian Mucmmies, presented by Julie Dawson and Helen Strudwick from the Fitxwilliam museum and The Mummy Immortal, University of Sydney
  • Nomad project, reconnecting Somali Heritage, presented by Abira Hussein
  • Introduction to Web AR/VR/XR by Ronald Haynes, University Information Services Cambridge https://webxr.nl/ https://webvr.info/ https://createwebvr.com/webAR.html
  • Artfletch by David Fletcher, a photogrammetry archive of locations in London, hosted on Sketchfab
Bronze cast from 3D print
3D printed and cast in bronze by ThinkSee3D
3D printing workflow
3D printing replica
The Nomad Project
The Nomad Project
Artfletch, image processing computer