Crumbles Castle

Avco has developed a new LED light installation for the Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground. It is an architectural intervention on the roof of their new building, visible from all approaches in the adjoining park. It mirrors the existing turret and railings of the Crumbles Castle, built from the bricks and cobbles of the derelict tenements […]

NMC Music Map – HTML5 Conversion

In 2016 NMC Recordings asked us to update the original Flash based Music Map that we first developed in 2010. The Music Map is an innovative visual web app which allows users to explore the NMC composers using the relationships ‘who composer studied with’ and ‘similar composers’. Suggested historical categories are represented with orbiting discs […]


Lightbulb is a digital artwork created by Michael Craig-Martin for the Serpentine Galleries Galleries on the occasion of his exhibition Transience. It is a drawing with six coloured elements, controlled by a software algorithm. The image changes continuously, with each element of the drawing fading between the 47 colours in Craig-Martin’s palette. Several hundred colour steps take place during […]